Reiki Reviews


Reiki really works! Here are a few success stories.

Gayle says:

Distance Reiki: “Full of compassion & vitality”

When a close family member was severely ill and struggling to stay alive, Lori used Reiki to send her healing energy. Lori sent the healing energy after a particularly tough day at the hospital. When I arrived the next morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My family member, who had been talking about changing her medical orders to do not resuscitate the day before, was mentally clear and looked physically healthier. She was adamant about wanting to live and, for the first time in weeks, was well enough to have the surgery she desperately needed. Fast forward several months, and this family member is healthier than she has been in years. She’s full of compassion and vitality. While not all of her health concerns have been eradicated, she is clearly on a path of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. I believe with all my heart that Reiki was a critical factor in bridging the gap between this family member being too sick for surgery to having surgery and getting a new lease on life.

Thank you Lori!
– Gayle

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Karen says:

“Genuinely kind & caring”

Lori’s gentle, nurturing spirit made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. She is very intuitive and shares her impressions and insights in a thoughtful and loving way.

Thank you again, Lori!
– Karen

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Ebee says:

“Truly a gifted healer”

Thank you for lifting my Spirit, my Chakras, my Soul, my Light, my Being…Whatever had to be energized, was re-activated by your hands.

You are wonderful Lori!
– Ebee

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Alex says:

“Clear mind and no stress”

Lori provides a means of clearing your mind for a time. I recommend it. I meditate through my sessions and it gives me a peaceful feeling.

Thank you Lori!
– Alex

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Cindy says:

“Such a wonderful experience”

My daughter, age 11, was having some anxiety issues when we decided to try Reiki with Lori. Her studio is the perfect setting for her practice. It immediately puts you in a state of relaxation. My daughter did not have any difficulty embracing the session and enjoying the benefits that lasted after it had ended. She said it feels relaxing and made her feel positive.

Thank you so much, Lori!
– Cindy

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