Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change

By Lori Tremblay, RMT

This week is a bittersweet one. It is my final week of teaching at my music studio, after nearly twenty years.  I dread the very last lessons, because I love teaching and I especially love the children who came each week to their lesson. I got to know them and their families.  As I cleaned out the studio, I thanked it for all the precious moments, the smiles of discovery, the creativity and the love. Especially, thank you to the music, which can transform our life.

So why change direction when things went so well?  I have always tried to listen to my inner voice, that inner knowing, which guides in a sure way, while quietly urging you forward. Everyone has their own unique footprint in the sand.  I felt what I can only describe as a soul call, for some time, to do my part in helping people wake to the truth of who they really are.  Each one of us is an immortal being here to have an earthly experience.  I call it Earth School.  We have chosen the people in our life to learn these lessons with.  We are eternal, bright diamonds of light energy in a temporary physical form.

When I discovered Reiki, I knew that this was a powerful way to transcend blocked emotions, stress, anxiety, physical problems and more that we encounter here.  I studied with Grace Harrington Murdoch to learn Usui Reiki Level One , Level Two, Master Level, then Master Teacher Level.  She inspired me to embrace Reiki as a life path. In this position, I am able to not only provide private sessions, but teach more people to heal themselves and others.  The Master Teacher has been trained to attune others to the healing powers that come from Divine Source.

Do you have to believe in Reiki to make it real for you?  Technically, no.  You don’t have to believe in radio waves either, because even though they are unseen, they  work regardless of your belief.  Many people have said that you just need to experience it for yourself, the deeply relaxing, beneficial healing that Reiki brings.

When I last close the door of my music studio, I will carry all the treasured memories with me through the doors of this new season. I hope to find new ways to work with children, my own music and my herbalism studies. I look forward to new connections and above all, I am grateful to be here!

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