Imagination as Conscious Dreaming

Imagination as Conscious Dreaming

“That’s just your imagination. You’re only dreaming!”

It’s what we heard from parents and teachers and now we say it, too. 

But, our imagination is one of our greatest gifts!   This is the way to create worlds for ourselves. What a rich and wonderful life we can have if we embrace and use this gift of conscious creation.  Everything is made of energy, unseen until a focused thought turns it into form.  We’ve heard of visualization, the adult version of the word imagination! Somehow, visualization doesn’t convey the power or playfulness of imagination, conscious dreaming! 

I love being with children, because their imaginations are fresh and colorful, wild and wonderful.  It also breaks my heart to see them numbed out on video games.  Most of us are also distracted by our devices and it takes us right out of the present moment, where we are otherwise capable of so much creation from our active thoughts. 

For example, if you need to calm yourself, begin to be aware of your breath. Slow down and breathe.  Then imagine a peaceful place for you and go there in your thoughts, while remaining conscious of your breath and your body. For me, it’s being in nature by the ocean.  I hear the waves, feel the sand under my feet, watch the seagull drop a mussel on the rocks to crack the shell and I smell the fresh aroma of seaweed in the water.  This journey can take a few minutes or longer, whatever you need to reset yourself to be calm.  Your body reacts as if you are actually there.

You can also be more free and creative just for fun, like hurling yourself through space on a purple, shreiking dragon! Your dreams and imagination are your domain.  You are the king or queen of your world.  Not only can conscious creation through imagination bring real results, but it can affect the thoughts of those around you, too.

Keep dreaming and your world will adapt to your wildest dreams!

-Lori Tremblay, Reiki Master Teacher

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